Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Design Along! Inspired!

A talented knitter, knitting designer, and the owner of the wonderful blog, Alyoops, has organized a design along!

She organized mood boards on and called for original designs inspired by the photos. I can never get my act together to actually sit and design and be creative, I thought this was a wonderful opportunity.

There was a photo of a maze that seemed to call my name. Then last night at the weavers meeting, I saw a lady working on mitered squares. Finally this morning somewhere between the snooze button and the coffee pot, this idea came to me:
Yes I've been scribbling around in Photoshop for few weeks now. Sorry professors! I sketched in photoshop. What a disgrace. But it helps to get my idea solidified. Now I'm going to cut some paper and fabric and see if that's a reasonable idea before I start knitting....after I find that 30 yards of red.

1 comment:

Alyssa said...

Omg! I'm so excited that I inspired you, and I love the scarf! :)