Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do it Yourself

Medical and Scientific Illustrators are visual problem solvers.  We show and educate something that cannot be easily seen.  How often do you see a see-thru liver?  I thought so.  

Medical illustrators are also sort of known for making fun things to visualize something that cannot be seen (ie. balloons with vessels drawn on, pipe cleaners for nerves, modeling clay for molecules, etc) ...I hope it's not just me. 

Anyways, few weeks back I had a weird urge to spin some fiber sitting in the box of ultimate UFOs.  So out came an original drop spindle using a CD, a chopstick, tape, and a stitchholder.  Later the stitch holder got upgraded into a shaped paperclip:

I have also been meaning to get a kitchen/postal scale to measure how much yarn is left for better treatment of leftover yarn.  I knocked off few hangers in the doorway and thought about making a Monty Python style scale using it.  

"...If she weighs as much as a duck, she is made out of wood..."  
"And therefore....?"
"A witch!  A witch!" 
"We shall use the biggest scale in town"

Yeppers.  It's surprisingly accurate.  I used nickels and pennies for weights.  A nickel weighs 5g, and a penny weighs 2.5g.  I'm glad people at the mint think in metric.  

I must have saved at least $40 by making these two stragely simple objects.  Now I can buy $40 worth of yarn...when I use up all the yarn I have now.  :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Hat Race 3

I really had a great time knitting hats for the Great Hat Race on Ravelry. They did a wonderful job keeping us updated and everything! I wonder if there is a winner?

Here are the hats I made using more stash yarn (free patterns too!) ...and somehow there is still lots of yarn leftover. Looking forward to the next one!

Used leftover yarn from Felted Sheep

Used leftover yarn from fisherman's sweater

3. Lace Edged Womens' Hat by Julie M. Hentz
Used leftover yarn from cloche hat

Used "new" dk yarn

6. Reflections by LizYvonne (ravelry link)
Used leftover from sweater

6. One Hat Two Hat by AKS
Used yarn given to me by BF's mom

7. Tam by Angela Sixian Wu
Used leftover from battle bonnet, and other scraps of Cascade 220, Noro Kureyon, and Lamb's Pride Worsted

Used leftover from baby booties that never happened

Used leftover from Bulldog Sweater

Monday, May 4, 2009

Post Maryland Sheep and Wool Syndrome

Oh dear. Maryland Sheep and Wool. What an adventure! It was my second time, so I wasn't quite as overwhelmed as last time, and bought yarn until I ran out of cash.

Socks that Rock! Lightweight Mill End--light blue/purple/green

Socks that Rock! Lightweight Mill End Red/purple

Regia Silk wine

Mistralee Farm Alpaca Lace- grey

Also, since I created a ghetto drop spindle, I wanted to try out the spinning wheel. A very nice lady named Sally taught me how to use a spinning wheel, and here is the result.

The top right one is the wheel spun one. The grey one is single-ply merino done on a drop spindle, and the blue/green one is 2-ply done on a drop spindle.

Ms. Sally said the best kind of wool to start practicing spinning is Romney and Coopworth, so I got both of them.

And how can you talk about MS&WF without all the great animals!

There were few angry and wet animals, but I'm sure they enjoyed being there deep down in their little minds.

What fun!